Do things with passion or not at all.


Chief Hustle Officer, Creative Strategic Technologist

A futurist-entrepreneur & business developer, award-winning art/creative director & design astronaut with a big passion for innovations, strategy & technologies. More than 10 years of experience successful work with enterprise companies, startups, digital & blockchain products.

Specialties: Innovations & Technologies, Branding & Identity, Startups & New Business Development, Art & Creative Direction, Product Design, User Interface & User Experience, Blockchain & Crypto.

Public & keynote speaker at international conferences including Global Economy Forum in San Francisco, Consensus in New York, CoinAgenda in the Las Vegas, World Blockchain Forum in Dubai & Miami, iBlockchain Summit in Shenzhen & Guangzhou, Satoshi United in Dubai, Blockchain Practitioner Conference in Shanghai and others.

Co-Founder of WizeBit, GhostDrive, vvorth, LimeICO, Dowell. Creative Director of Player’s Health. Chief Creative Technologist @ Tradelize. Creative Director/Partner at Halo Lab.

Advisor @ BitRent, Dylyver, PlacetoRent, Cryptfunder, Bank4You, KYC.Legal.
Mentor @ Hustle Summit in New York and Chicago.


AI & Machine Learning
Analytics & Data
Automotive & Self-driving
Blockchain & Crypto

Fashion & E-commerce
Fintech and Insurtech
Hardware & Electronics
Healthcare & Meditech

Security & Privacy
Music & Entertainment
Sport & Activity
Travel & Geolocation

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+1 (312) 888-0541

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